“Soul mates arrive in many forms. BabyDoll changed us forever! Sometimes, the heart of a puppy leaves us speechless for a lifetime. We are better to have known her, richer for having loved her, and now readers can get to know BabyDoll, too! Puppies are an expression of love and light, BabyDoll...a beacon.”

Kimberly Friedmutter, Celebrity Life Manager

“I had the unique pleasure of taking care of BabyDoll since she was ten weeks old. I am convinced that there was a human inside of BabyDoll loving the life that Lisa, Donald, and Star let her live. She was truly a Pliner family member.  Anything BabyDoll needed, she received, including world-renowed specialist, surgeons, and veterinary dentist. When she got older, Lisa and Donald’s attention to her medical care was outstanding. She had the best teeth-thanks to Donald’s daily brushing. BabyDoll had a unique spirit, was always happy in her role as spokesdog for her fashion line and fan club. Her spirit lives on in her great beaded shoes adorning out closet and now in this charming story book. She was one in a million. Thank you, BabyDoll, for being a past of our lives.”

Jan Bellows DVM, Wags, Weston, Florida

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